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Padded compression shorts PRO + Compression stuttbuxur með vörn

Padded compression shorts PRO + Compression stuttbuxur með vörn

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Gamepatch compression stuttbuxurnar erum fyrir fólk sem vill verja líkama sinn fyrir óþarfa hnjaski og meiðslahættu.

Hágæða compression buxur með púðum á: 

  • Mjöðmum
  • Rófubeini
  • Lærum

    Gamepatch padded shorts are for athletes who are looking to give their bodies the best possible support. Equipped with high-quality protection for:
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Tailbone

Shock Absorbing

Despite thinner padding, our padded shorts can absorb hits 20% more effectively than other brands. After impact, the padding instantly takes back its form and is ready to absorb the next impact.

Adjusting to Body

When the padding gets in touch with the body heat, it reacts to temperature and takes less than a minute for it to become softer, more flexible, and take custom form around the body.

Thin & Light

With Gamepatch protective gear you can forget about bulkiness. Extremely thin yet highly effective protective padding allows you to experience a high level of comfort. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it feels like not wearing any padding at all.


When you combine innovative design, resilient protective padding with high-quality compression fabric you get durability like no others. However, please note that the padding is not abrasion resistant, therefore, it can burn from slides on the floor which can leave visual defects.

Premium Quality

Gamepatch products conform to the highest standards of quality and are handcrafted in Europe.

How does the Body Adjust Technology work?

The highest functionality of the padding is achieved at 36.6° - 37°C (97.7° - 98.6° F). Once you warm up and your body reaches the optimal temperature the BAT technology activates. The padding gets softer and takes its form around the body making it incredibly comfortable.



Allar vörurnar eru í samræmi við ströngustu gæðastaðla með endingargóðum saumum og þægilegu efni.

Shipping & Returns

Pantanir eru í flestum tilfellum afgreiddar innan 1-3 daga en í sumum tilvikum geta liðið 4 – 6 dagar að fá vöruna í hendur eftir að pöntun er gerð. Ekki er sent út á laugardögum og sunnudögum.

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